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Website Care Plan

website maintenance service

Sorry, but this service is no longer available.

Our Website Care Plan includes the following, which is performed on a weekly basis to keep your website protected and up-to-date.

  • Updates: We update your website every week. This includes WordPress core files, theme files, and any plugins that were used to create your website.
  • Backups: Your entire website is backed up weekly before each update is preformed. These backups are stored securely off-site on Amazon's Cloud storage.
  • Security: Security measures are put in place to monitor unauthorized access.
  • Software: Includes annual subscription payments for 3rd party software.
  • Up-time Monitoring: We monitor your website 24/7 to ensure your site is always online.
  • Broken Links Scan: Your site will be scanned for broken links which will be fixed or reported.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Visitor statistics reports are also available.
  • Priority Service: Your requests will be given top priority.